Are you ready to put your graphic design skills to the test and boost your social presence?

Whether you want to show off your new business or improve your personal page, graphic design can help you get there. Nobody wants to see the same old designs constantly. That’s where your skills come in!

Graphic design and social media can help your online presence grow significantly. This works when you create designs that engage your audience. 

Here, learn how to use these tools to your advantage. And keep your audience coming back for more!

Define Your Audience

The first step of looking at your brand is to evaluate your audience. You want to know exactly who you are marketing to. This will help you create better content for them moving forward. 

Look at the data on your social media pages. Then, ask some important questions.

Who is visiting our page? What time are they viewing our information? What is the average time they spend on our page? What posts have gotten the most likes? Which posts have gotten the most comments?

All these questions will help you gauge who is consuming your brand. 

The most important of these, though, is the comments question. Comments sections are invaluable to you because they are giving you direct feedback.

Look at what people are saying about your posts. Don’t be afraid to visit their profiles to see how old they are and their lifestyle. This will help you design content they will like!

The more your audience engages with your posts, the more your name will get out there. Use this to your advantage. 

Many companies with large followings on Instagram do giveaways or contests. These sometimes require followers to share the company’s page to enter. When someone posts your page on their Instagram story, your company gets 100 plus more eyes!

Make Sure Your Brand Is Consistent

After looking at your audience, go through your page. Do your posts flow together to paint the story of your company? Or do the pictures seem random? 

To create a brand that is consistent with your company, you may need to reprioritize some of your posts. Consider taking away posts that distract from your brand. 

When checking for continuity, this is a great time to add graphic design to your page! 

Graphic Design in Marketing

Marketing is not about choosing the right words to sell your product. It’s about showing your audience what they want. A great way to do this is to add dynamic visuals to your page.

Especially if you’re a startup and don’t quite have a product ready, show a mockup! You can consult a professional in marketing graphic design or work on the designs yourself. 

Another way to engage your audience is by creating graphics that your audience will remember. Construct an image or a design that your customers associate with you each time they see it. 

To do this yourself, start with the themes of your company. Sketch out a visual representation of them. This can be an abstract depiction at first. 

Next, fine-tune your image, using your audience as a guide. If your audience is working men in their 30s-40s, try using sharp edges and straight lines. If your audience is teenage girls, try using softer lines. 

Remember to use your visuals frequently so your brand is on the audience’s mind. This is how logos work so well for large companies. We remember their logo and can name who it belongs to instantly. 

Social Media Ads Design

It’s important to keep your posts consistent. But you need to ensure that any of your social media ads have your brand in mind, too. 

Ads are a great place to experiment with different graphic designs. You can do a series of ads for a season or that lead up to a new product. Each of these can have elements of your brand but incorporate new aspects as well. 

For these, you can hire a social media ads design professional or design them yourself! These will keep your audience interested as your release new ideas and products.

Graphic Design and Social Media

Social media branding was practically made for graphic design. Through your designs, you can tell your story better than anyone else. 

Instead of writing long posts or trying to find the right words to say, you can let your designs connect with your audience. Art resonates with many people at once. This allows your audience to connect with not only you but one another as well. 

When you post an image or graphic, viewers immediately associate it with something they already know. Whether that be an emotion, a friend, or a memory, good artwork brings people together. 

Plus, when people relate to your work, they want to share it with others. This lets your story continue to tell itself without additional context. That allows your story to reach many more people in the long run. 

The easiest way to see whether your graphic design and social media efforts are reaching people is to use your tools. These include looking at your page’s analytics and data to see who is viewing what. 

Don’t Limit Yourself

The great thing about graphic design and social media is that there are limitless possibilities of what you can create. 

You can use your still designs as starting points and then launch into creating videos. Or use your branding skills to make entire websites for clients. If you’re wondering where to start, there are several online tutorials for graphic design and social media. 

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