It’s an exciting time of life. It’s a new beginning away from the people who have watched you struggle through puberty. Also, it’s an opportunity to gain independence – because you can’t depend on Mum to make your favorite roast.

There are many places to choose from in big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. But one spot is often overlooked. It’s the illustrious Canberra.

Canberra bashing is a national pastime. It’s a common sin. It’s time to stop comparing Canberra to the rest of Australia.

It may seem paradoxical that your boring primary school excursion has become a popular destination for young people. However, it is worth checking out if you are thinking about moving for universities. Here’s why.

1. Relocating is simple

Relocating to Canberra is simple enough. If you haven’t got many belongings and want to start fresh you can consider packing a bag and the clothes on your back and accumulate everything that you need in Canberra. Simply book a plane ticket from anywhere in Australia. However, if you have some homely belongings that you want to gather and relocate them to your new Canberra home for the next few years during the course of your study. Canberra removalists can move you anywhere locally around Canberra or even from other major cities. The grey hound is also a great affordable option if you want a cheaper way to travel in between cities or choose to go home and visit family on the weekends.

2. There are a lot of young people

You are not the only one who wants to move to Canberra. Canberra is home to the largest student population in Australia, thanks to all those who study at ANU.

Canberra is full of students and all the joy they bring. Living in Canberra can be like living in a small lake with many fish, if you are looking to meet new friends.

3. A bustling community and great place to shed your independence

Canberra is anything but boring. It is a vibrant hub for millennial culture, and it has some great times. Canberra is a party city thanks to its large student population. You’ll have a great time having a few drinks on the town.

It’s also a great place to discover your independence and find who you are. These are the most important years in our lives. Living abroad is a testament to the many years ahead. Also, many music concerts and great acts that frequently tour Canberra.

4. It is very affordable

Being a student means you have less money. You live off the Mi Goreng. Canberra is a lot cheaper than other cities which means you have more money for brunch and booze. If you are a student, these are the necessities!

The cost of living in Canberra is 15% less than Sydney. This can be used to save money for travel, weekends, or even big investments after graduation.

5. Job opportunities are abundant

ANU is the best university to go to if your bank tells you to find a job.

Students can find many jobs in Canberra, especially in retail and hospitality. But it’s even easier to get a job on campus at ANU. Retail is also flourishing and there are heaps of pubs in Canberra too.

6. Excellent location

Despite being located in the middle, Canberra is often criticized for its location. You have many options when it comes time to enjoy a weekend getaway.

It is also located near Australia’s most prestigious university, the Australian National University (ANU). You can say goodbye to traffic congestion and long commutes. ANU is easily accessible from any location in Canberra. There are also many trails and paths that run throughout the city.

7. There are many options for accommodation

Sometimes finding accommodation for students can feel overwhelming. It’s important to think about location, pay, roomies, and how many plants you can fit into your tiny abode.

However, in Canberra 90% of students can easily find accommodation. The majority of it is on campus. Living on campus at ANU can help you meet lots of like-minded students, as well as international students from around the globe. There’s bound to be someone that tickles your fancy. If you are interested, have a look at on campus accommodation. 

It’s obvious that you want to feel good when choosing a university. ANU is a great example of this. ANU is not only the best universities in Australia with top-class facilities but it’s also perfectly located in our capital city. ANU is worth visiting to learn more about their offerings, including accommodation and scholarships.

Whichever major city you are moving from, whether that be Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Hobart or Adelaide removalists can help you move to Canberra cheaply so you can be sure to feel like home the moment you arrive in Canberra.

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