My business had been searching for a decent PR firm for a very long time and after having two bad experiences in the past we were determined that this time we would find the right one which met our requirements and would help us to reach our goals. After many meetings with a number of different PR firms we eventually decided on the team at Interdependence PR, an exciting team which really grabbed our attention during the meeting. We have been so happy with our decision since we started working with the team last year, and if you use these guys then here what kind of firm you can expect.


Professionalism is something which you should expect from the outset with a PR firm but you’d be surprised at how man of them actually operate. It was clear from the beginning that this was a professional firm and during our first year with them that is exactly what we have had. Communication is on point and timely, they deliver on what they say that they are going to do and they are brilliant at following up and checking in on how things are going.


Something which really blew us away when we first sat down with the guys from Interdependence was the range of creative ideas which they cam up with to help us move forward. We have since learned that when it comes to hiring staff, this is a PR firm which only hires the best and that is why their creative team are so brilliant. Creativity is something which many businesses lack and that is why we use PR firms in the first place, so far we have seen that Interdependence really prides itself on being one of the most creative PR firms out there.


PR firms can be great at selling themselves to you, after all that is their bread and butter, but the real question comes down to what results they can deliver for you, after all that is what we are looking for. This is a PR firm which not only promises results but delivers them and they are passionate in their drive to deliver results for their clients. Everything that we lay out in terms of what we would like to achieve is discussed and then we set ourselves goals, each time we have done this with Interdependence they have delivered on the goals which we laid out.


I have no doubt that we are not this company’s biggest client but the way in which they treat us and the service which they give us, most certainly makes us feel like we are in fact their biggest and most important clients. Service is something which you don’t see too much of ini B2B dealings which is why the attention which this company give is so special.

A great company which will help you and your business to reach its PR goals.

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