Einstein once said that the minute you stop learning, you die – and nowhere is does this maxim hold truer in than in the ever-changing marketing industry. No matter whether you have years in the business or are just cutting your teeth, the pace of technological change means that there is always something new that you can learn about your profession, no matter if you are in video marketing, SEO or social media marketing. One of the quickest and easiest ways of immersing yourself in the latest marketing trends and strategies that are just about to burst onto the scene is to attend one of the many top marketing conferences set to take place in the United States and Europe in this year.

United States

We will start with a quick overview of what we consider to be the most innovative marketing conferences to attend in the US in 2020. In our experience, each one offers attendees a unique insight into some of the hottest developing trends in the marketing world. If you plan on coming from Europe, you will need to sign up to the ESTA visa waiver scheme before traveling (this handy ESTA guide will take you through all of the steps required to gain entry into the US).

1. CommerceNext 2020

Date: July 28-29

Location: New York, NY

Cost: $795 (apply for invite)

2020 will be the third year that CommerceNext has been held. Since 2018, the conference has developed a burgeoning reputation for attracting some of the leading lights in e-commerce and direct to consumer (DTC) retail. Representatives of hundreds of retail companies great and small converge to attend talks given by leading voices in the industry from some of the world’s biggest brands.

2. ContentTECH Summit 2020

Date: August 10-12

Location: San Diego, CA

Cost: $1,299- $1,699

The ContentTECH Summit offers a unique chance to gain the wisdom of some of the most forward-thinking names in the content marketing world. Workshops, conference sessions and an expo hall provide a great chance to bounce ideas off experienced industry gurus regarding the best ways to optimize, measure and manage content using the martech available to you.

3. Inbound 2020

Date: August 18-21

Location: Boston, MA

Cost: $199-$2,199

If you use HubSpot in your organization, seriously consider attending the Inbound event this year. With over 24,000 attendees last year, the conference aims to educate you and connect you with fellow HubSpot marketers. The conference features a raft of brilliant speakers from the world of marketing, celebrity keynote speeches and a great chance to network with likeminded people in your industry.


This year’s marketing conferences on the European side of the Atlantic offer an equally exciting prospect for industry professionals. What follows is a list of what we consider to be the most unmissable events for anyone looking to expand their marketing knowledge and expertise. If you are interested in visiting any of them as a US citizen this year or next, the ETIAS visa exemption is similar to the ESTA visa waiver scheme for Europeans and comes into effect in early 2021.

1. Festival of Marketing 202

Date: October 7-8

Location: London, UK

Cost: £545+VAT-£1,995+VAT

Festival Marketing is the largest event dedicated to brand marketing in the world. It organizers design the event so that it seamlessly integrates inspiration with practical application. Expect influential headline speakers, 12 content stages and the Festival City expo arena which is positively bouncing with innovative ideas and solutions to all the challenges that you will face when it comes to marketing your brand and products.

2. Affiliate World Europe 2020

Date: July 7-8

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Cost: €1,200-€1,700    

Affiliate World markets itself as “the world’s premier gathering of influential performance marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs”. Held annually in Catalonia’s beautiful capital city, the conference offers the chance to network with the industry’s brightest minds, take in groundbreaking new ideas, and have access to an expo replete with opportunities learn strategies you can put to work in your own career.

3. Brand Marketing Summit Europe 2020

Date: June 1-2

Location: London, UK

Cost: £959-£2,099

Brand Marketing Summit Europe brings together some of the most important figures in retail to talk about the future of their brands and how they intend to move forward with their marketing strategy over the next decade. The event includes speakers and workshops that deal with the challenges that face brands today and the best ways to personalize marketing campaigns to the individual consumer.

With so many great events, choosing the six listed above was quite a challenge. All of them offer a unique perspective on marketing and are brimming with innovative marketing ideas and solutions. Now, all you have to do is choose which one to attend.

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