When life and work both get busy, you can become quickly overwhelmed. This is one of many reasons outsourcing can be beneficial to you. Working with a Virtual Assistant to outsource tasks has a multitude of benefits, from freeing up time to helping you grow your business. But, if you’re still not convinced, we have listed some of the advantages of outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant below:

1. Save Valuable Time

According to Michelle from virtual assistants Virtual Hand “Saving time is potentially the most obvious benefit of outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant. Working with a virtual assistant means that you can outsource the tasks that you have no desire to do or that are simply too time-consuming.” Put simply, as a business owner, your goal should be to maintain or grow your business, which you can’t do very easily when bogged down by tasks you don’t personally need to complete. A VA can help in this way by taking these tasks off your hands, whether that means organising your inbox or handling the management of your social media accounts. This time saved will not only allow you to concentrate on making your business flourish, but will ensure that you can also achieve a satisfactory work-life balance too. 

2. Improve Customer Service 

Customer service is so crucial to business success, but it is undoubtedly one of the marmot time-consuming aspects of owning a business. By outsourcing the management of your emails, or even PR management as a whole, you can save commit yourself to other projects, confident in the knowledge that your VA is ensuring that your customers are satisfied. Depending on the level of involvement you wish for a virtual assistant to have in your business, you could ask your VA to create a standard operating procedures manual which would help your business become more efficient, reduce mistakes and ensure customer satisfaction. Of course, this high level of customer satisfaction will help your business to grow further, using any feedback to ensure that the business thrives.

3. A Cost-Effective Method of Outsourcing

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can be a cost effective method of delegating, because you will not have the operating costs of an employee. Furthermore, it is up to you how much work is outsourced to your VA and as a result, you only pay for the hours worked to complete the task. This price advantage can be an important one to consider when deciding if a VA is right for your business, as you can hire in accordance with your budget as well as how much work you need to outsource. 

4. Flexibility and Adaptability

A massive benefit of working with a Virtual Assistant is that you can work with them to determine their involvement within the business, and it is up to you how much your VA does for your business. Virtual Assistants have increased flexibility and will work as much as you need them to to benefit you and your business. Furthermore, your virtual assistant would be adaptable to the tasks you need completing, whether this is admin, managing your calendar, or managing a project within your business. This flexibility and adaptability is yet another benefit of working with a VA because you can be confident that you have someone available to suit the needs of your business at any given time.

5. Grow your Business

Working with a VA provides many opportunities for business growth, whether you need them to handle admin while you focus on your next venture, require a sounding board determine your next project or need them to handle your social media marketing. Your VA can help you to grow your business in innumerable ways, depending on where you need the most support. For example, if social media is where you struggle, a virtual assistant could help you manage your social media marketing to improve the visibility of your business online. Whatever steps you need to take to grow your business, a Virtual Assistant can help you. 

6. Increase your Online Presence 

As previously mentioned, having a regular social media presence is an invaluable aspect of running a business, and one that many struggle with. If this is an area you’re striving to improve, or simply don’t have time to manage personally, this is certainly something a virtual assistant can help with. Whether you need blog posts written for your website or social media campaigns to market your business, your VA can help you in any of these aspects. This will not only reduce your stress, but ensure that your customers are regularly seeing content from your business, as well as any new prospective customers, helping your business to grow even further. 

Overall, there are countless benefits of outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant, from gaining back your time to boosting your business’s growth. The adaptability and flexibility of a VA is what can make them so beneficial in supporting your business. If you feel that working with a VA will benefit your business, or if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you at Virtual Hand, so please do book a free 30 minute chat with Michelle to discuss your options.

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