The intelligent packaging of products across the nation represents an opportunity in 2020 and beyond to improve the environment and be kind to the planet. When done poorly, packaging results in a lot of waste in the form of spoiled and unusable products and in the extra accumulation of materials in the packaging. This also results in wasted energy usage. Additionally, the materials and processes that go into the production of packaging can be harmful to the environment. Sustainable and recycling packaging addresses these important issues across the full spectrum of waste, energy use, and eco-friendly materials and processes. Flexible packaging (in tandem with digital printing technology) is better for the environment in the following ways:

  • It allows for low print runs that cut down on waste
  • It employs recyclable films that meet the requirements for recycling programs
  • It uses less energy in transport than other packaging methods
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers the carbon footprint

Quality materials for the packaging, as well as innovative conveniences such as resealable containers, also cuts down on waste. Spoilage of food items is a large contributor to greenhouses gases.

Additional Benefits of Smart Packaging

With ePac Flexible Packaging your company expands its flexibility in a number of critical ways. You have access to a variety of styles such as stand-up pouches, lay-flat pouches and roll stock. For food items, the durability of the packaging maintains food freshness and quality, making it desirable for frozen foods, roasted coffee, jerky, snacks, bakery items and cheese and dairy. Other products that benefit from intelligent containers include lawn and garden, pet foods, vitamin supplements and health and beauty. Wrappers come with options that enhance customer convenience such as child-proof pouches, see-through windows and sizing choices. The digital printing aspect of flexibles allows for vibrant colors that stand out on the shelf or on a computer screen. Plus, the adaptability of the printing process allows for low runs, limited orders and fast shipment times. Ship orders can be ready in 10 to 15 days, much quicker than the 6 to 12 weeks for traditional methods. All of these factors allow companies to keep less inventory on hand, freeing up the demand for cash flow.

Greater Advantages for Small Companies

It is no secret that it can be tough to get things started as a business. Even when you come up with a great idea, the initial expenses can be a challenge. When you find the right packaging a lot of these problems become smaller. With digital printed stand up pouches you can get your product ready for customers with a lower expenditure. With quicker printing, you can get more product out if the first order sells out. Your company also has the option of changing the look of the packaging without incurring plate or set up fees, adding to your versatility. This allows you to channel your creativity and create promotional or experimental packaging. The year 2020 offers new and better options for packaging than ever before, with the added benefit of taking care of the environment.

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