There’s no denying that the past few months have had crippling effects on business across the UK and further afield. As a nationwide lockdown was enforced, shops, restaurants, leisure facilities and a range of other businesses had to close their doors, without knowing how or when they would be able to open again.

As lockdown restrictions were eased from July, it was time for businesses to try and restore some form of normality and try and repair some of the financial damage caused by the impact of the pandemic. Although the government set out guidelines to help businesses become ‘COVID secure’ for both their employees and consumers, many people are still wary about the thought of going into public spaces in order to spend money.

As businesses across the country try and get up and running again, it’s crucial to understand the importance of building consumer confidence and the steps you can take to try and ensure this. If you’re wanting to get to grips with how your business can provide maximum safety and hygiene for your employees and consumers, then the following points might be of use to you.

Social distancing

When social distancing was first introduced, it was hard to get our heads around. Now, it’s something we do on a daily basis and needs to be maintained for the foreseeable future. Making sure social distancing is abided by in your place of work is essential, for making sure your consumers feel safe. As you will have seen in shops, pubs and other businesses, the best way to ensure consumers are socially distancing is to use branded stickers or tape on the ground, so employees and consumers know they have the required distance between them and others.


We’re constantly being reminded that hand washing is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of the virus. As well as making sure plenty of hand wash is located around your business, it also makes consumers feel reassured when hand sanitiser is available for their use upon arrival. With hygiene being more important than ever, it’s good for your consumers to see surfaces and objects are being cleaned on a regular basis and it’s a great way to prove your business is doing its part in keeping everyone as safe as possible.


Making sure you have a good line of communication with both your employees and consumers during the coming months is essential. It’s vital they know of any changes you’re going to make or who they can speak to if they have any concerns. One of the most effective forms of communication is via social media channels, as you can announce any updates quickly and it’s easy for consumers to respond to you if they need to.

Building confidence between you and your consumers is extremely important during these unprecedented times, but it’s a process which isn’t going to happen overnight. By following the above steps and making sure your business adapts to the government guidelines, will hopefully mean your business can get back on its feet as soon as possible.

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