As 2020 approaches, many brands and companies will be considering their marketing strategy for the new year. However, with the new technologies that have been developed and improved upon in the last year, there will be many new ways that businesses can employ to connect with their markets. Among them, here are five of the best ways to market your business in 2020.

1. Interactive Content

Traditionally, online content has been restricted to the realm of things that people can read, listen to, or watch.  However, a new type of content has emerged that requires active participation from its consumers in real-time, in order to get relevant results. Interactive content can be useful for event organization, paid media, social media marketing, blog interaction, and more. Distributing interactive content has proven to be a superior way to engage users and will surely be employed much more in 2020.

2. Shoppable Posts

Online marketing has boomed over the last decade as more and more people have gotten access to smart devices, the internet, and social media. A very large number of people spend their time on social media and some brands conduct full-scale business operations via social media. Therefore it is not surprising that social media sites have chosen to incorporate shoppable posts into their platforms. These are posts which e-commerce stores can put up for their followers to interact with and make direct purchases. Shoppable posts may very well be the future of social media marketing.

3. Virtual And Augmented Reality (VAR)

Human beings have always been fascinated by the idea of virtual reality. In the last two decades, however, the technology behind it has gotten better and more accessible and has even been improved upon to birth augmented reality. Both technologies have gained popularity and companies have already begun testing marketing campaigns to tap into this new media. For instance, clothing companies are designing apps that will let users visualize what the clothing they want to buy would look like on their own bodies before deciding to buy it.

4. Content Marketing

While interactive content may be the next step in the world of marketing; actual, everyday content remains – without question – the best way to communicate with your customers and influence their decisions regarding your business. In 2020 and beyond, blog posts, articles, well-designed graphics, and more, will remain in their position as king and marketers must continue to work and produce quality content.

5. Video Content

While excellent content marketing, in general, should be your goal, more people in 2020 will have access to video content, due to the democratization of the video creation process. Social media sites are now offering users nearly unlimited bandwidth to publish video content, which means consumers will have more of it available.

2020 will bring a wealth of online marketing opportunities for brands. If your company is looking to connect with its customers in a better way, look to some of these online marketing tools to reach them in the new year.

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