Cloud storage providers are readily available all across the United States and beyond. However, if you’re thinking about the best way to save money, getting the right cloud storage provider is incredibly important. Many of the people who are looking for a new cloud storage provider are thinking about how they could save money by switching, and this is definitely an important thing to be aware of. Here are a few of the ways that cloud to cloud migration could potentially help you save some extra money.

1. Storage Costs

Stable storage costs can vary pretty dramatically depending on your specific cloud storage provider. Most commonly, cloud storage is billed as per terabyte, but you may find companies that advertise per terabyte and actually charge per gigabyte. Either way, you’ll want to compare and contrast the different costs to make sure you have the company that’s right for you. Remember to calculate based on your current storage costs, as well as how much you’re expecting to store in the future.

2. Download Costs

Most enterprise-level cloud storage companies will charge separately for stable storage and for downloads. Downloads will often be charged per gigabyte, and you may get a specific amount of download space per day before you get charged. Talk with your team to see how much data you’re likely to download every day, week, and month to understand how much you might pay in download costs.

3. Download Partners

While downloads are often charged by the gigabyte, it’s also common for cloud storage providers to partner with certain other companies, allowing you to bypass these download costs as long as you download through one of these partners. Before you sign up with a new cloud storage provider, see whether they have any download partners that you can use for better download prices.

4. Egress and Migration Fees

Egress and migration fees are one of the things you definitely need to look at before you start the process of switching to a new cloud storage provider. These are fees that your old cloud storage provider or your new cloud storage provider will likely charge as part of the process of switching your data to the new provider. Make sure you know not only how expensive these fees may be, but also whether your new company may cover these costs as long as you store a certain amount of data with them.


Finding a new cloud storage provider is one way that your company may be able to save on your storage costs. Not everyone has been able to create cloud storage that really works for their company, but there are many ways for you to do it. As long as you have a company that really cares about your organization’s data, you can make sure you’re storing your data to the cloud in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible. These four things are important elements of discerning your next cloud storage options.

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