Do you have goals that you’d like to achieve but you’re just not getting there? Would you like to do more but you don’t know where to start? If so then we may just have some hints and tips on how you can set yourself to achieve those goals which you have. Alongside us we have the brilliant Eugene Bernshtam, a man who has spent his career working with people to help them achieve their business and life goals, helping them unlock that part of the psyche which they need in order to go get that thing that they have their eyes set on.

Eugene has helped me a great deal in this regard and he puts things in such a way that just make sense and are so easy to comprehend. I wanted to share some of those tips with you, to help you go get those goals you’ve set out.


One of the biggest issues when going after your goals is that they can seem really far away, and that makes it difficult to stay on track in terms of your determination and your mentality. It is for this reason that a little meditation-style trick can help you out. The important thing here is for you to visualize the goal, sit down, close your eyes, and imagine yourself at the end of the path, having achieved your goal. Imagine that business or that house, actually put yourself there in your mind. If you do this every couple of days you will believe more in your success and you will stay on track.

Reverse Engineer

Obstacles are going to be there all along the way to your destination, but if you are able to anticipate them first, then this will be much easier. In order to do that you need to walk back from your visualization, what does the path look like? What obstacles are there to get over? Do you need to make more money? Meet the right people? Find more time? As you walk back you will understand more about what you need to do in order to best prepare for those obstacles.

Telling People

Peer pressure is very powerful and that is why it is important that you share your dreams with people, no matter how crazy they are. Once you have told people then the dream or goal really does exist, and if you don’t achieve it then people are going to know that you didn’t, or they will ask why. This is the type of pressure you need to stay determined and keep pushing.


A final tip is to place reminders of what you want, put photos in your office, add small notes or photos to your wallet or purse, and ensure that you cannot get out of the way of your dream. The more you see it, the more you’ll be doing things to go after it and the higher chance you will have of making it a reality.

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