Finding the right employees for an open position can be a daunting task. This is because the kind of people you may want for that job role might already have jobs or may request way above the pay grade being offered. If you happen to have a friend that can fit this role or do this job adequately, you may be considering them for it. However, there are few pros and cons that are involved in hiring your friends and here are a few of them.

Pros of hiring your friends

Their good qualities are known to you

You are probably already friends with them because you know of their good qualities, strengths and weaknesses and you understand them to an extent. This is also the way they know about you too. Your knowledge of all this, alongside their competence for the role, can be a win for you. This way, you don’t have to get to learn all these things about someone new and the working relationship can benefit from this.

They may be more hardworking

The fact that they are already your friend can make them more diligent in their work. If they are a good friend, that is already loyal and trustworthy, it can make them more eager to do their work efficiently because they care about you and the objectives of your company. They may also be willing to work odd hours for you but remember not to take advantage of this.

The hiring process is shorter

Hiring a new employee can be a longer-than-usual-process. However, if you are hiring a friend, it may become a much shorter process. This is because of the fact that you have the knowledge of who they are.

Cons of hiring your friends

Overfamiliarity in the workplace

The behaviors that should be exhibited in the office are different from the ones exhibited outside the office. Hiring your friends can lead to them behaving in an unprofessional manner. This can lead to other employees adopting this behavior because they have seen your friend doing it.

Suspicion of Bias

If you hire your friend to work for you, it may breed the thought that you are biased when it comes to them. Favoritism is one of those things that happen in the workplace and hiring a friend can make other employees hold this perception.

Disciplinary measures may be harder

When disciplinary measures are needed, it may be harder to execute them if your friend is on the receiving end. Generally, it is an uncomfortable situation to be in and it can cause hostility in the friendship generally. Firing your friend is also something that you may not want to even be in the position to do so you must recognize this when considering them for that position.

Friendships are important and jobs are important too, sometimes, you have to keep them apart to ensure that they remain healthy. These pros and cons should give you some insight that can help in shaping your perspective when considering your friend for employment in your establishment.

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