Our restaurant has been using the services of some reputation management consultants now for just over a year and despite the length of time that it took my partners and I to decide whether or not it was a good idea, we have been incredibly happy with what they have done for us. This is something which more and more businesses are beginning to look at it is something which I can personally recommend.

This is of course a cost to the business but in my view it really should be viewed as an investment, because owing to the work and the protection which they can offer businesses, that money comes back time and time again. If you’d like to know more, here is why businesses are using these services.


The large majority of the businesses who are using the services of a reputation management company are doing so following a crisis, and they need their deep fixed quickly. It is of course preferable to all involved that the rep management company is hired before the crisis occurs, but many businesses who failed to do so are straight on the phone to them once that crisis arrives.


More and more businesses are now realizing the great importance which a good online reputation can have for the business. For many years businesses, especially offline businesses, believed that whatever was being said about them online wasn’t important, yet many of them have learned the hard way that they have to get with the times and realize that the internet is the new high street and this is where, more than anywhere else, they need to have a great reputation.


Many businesses, ours included, have been scared into using these companies have to realizing just how easy it is for a reputation to be destroyed. A viral piece of content, a scathing review, an ex employee with an axe to grind, it really doesn’t take much work for the reputation which you have spent a long time building to be absolutely destroyed. The fear of that happening is what has inspired so many of us to reach out to rep management companies so that they will be on hand should anything like that happen.


There are also a large number of businesses who simply wish to improve their online reputation, this is not to say that they have a poor reputation or that they are in a crisis situation, they simply want to bring in more customers and in order to do that they have identified that they need to increase the positivity of their reputation online. These types of businesses make up the largest chunk of the clients which reputation management consultants have on their books.

If you have a business then this is something which I would seriously urge you to consider, as your online reputation is just too important to be played around with or put at risk.

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