Sometimes you work in a job where everyone gets on, everyone has a laugh and you all work well with one another. In fact my introduction into the world of work with the Owen Group provided me with this and it was something that I really wanted to create once I opened my own business. Unfortunately however, this isn’t always easy to achieve and it can be tough to bring a team together. Having been on both sides of the fence however I can clearly see just how important it is that any employee tries their best to get on with the staff that they work with, and here is why.

Time Spent

In most positions it is more than likely that you will see your colleagues more than you see your own family and friends. If we take a standard 40 hour work week then you are going to be working alongside these people for the large majority of your time, and if you don’t get on with them it is going to be very challenging for you each and every day.

Work Quality

If you are able to get on with the rest of your team mates then you are going to be far happier and you are going to be able to work better as a team. Even if you aren’t working as a team, you can still call on the help and support of your colleagues to increase your own productivity and performance. If you become something of an island because of the fact that you don’t get on with your team, this can easily affect your performance and that brings problems of its own. It is far better for your productivity that you are able to work alongside your team without issues.


I have seen a stark difference between people who walk into the office knowing that they are happy with who they work with, and those who are clearly not getting along with their colleagues. The last thing that you need is for something like this to have an effect on your confidence, which is why it is far easier and better for you to try your best to get on with those that you work with.

Emotional Support

Believe it or not you can count on a great deal of emotional support from your colleagues if something is going on with your outside of the workplace. This is not to say that you will be opening up about your problems to your friends at work, but having solid relationships at your place of work will provide a welcome distraction or offer some insight which can really help you out. If you are going through something at home, the workplace can be the perfect place to help you get past it.

You don’t have to be best friends with the people that you work with, but forging positive relationships will always be a good thing to do.

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