Communication. Collaboration. Appreciation. There are a lot of elements factoring into employee satisfaction. One major consideration is connection. We all need connection in our lives. That includes in the workplace as we spend so much of our lives working. This connection goes beyond simple conversation around the water cooler. It extends to keeping employees engaged in their work environment even if it’s a virtual one as they work remotely.

Why is staying connected so important? It helps a person find success as part of the team and within the organization. From gaining a sense of belonging to finding support whenever they need it, connection can provide employees the tools needed to bring out their best selves at work. 

It can also help combat feelings of isolation. When a team member feels unhappy due to isolation, it can stifle creativity and even contribute to burnout. Connecting with colleagues, sharing ideas and feeling like part of the group instead of just another face on a screen often has the opposite effect. Many employees find a healthy workplace community such as this leads to increased transparency, enhanced collaboration and, consequently, improved performance. 

Genuine connection among team members can also be beneficial for the business. When there is greater morale with happier members fulfilling their tasks, the team functions at a higher level. Much of this is owed to the fruitful relationships being fostered. As these team members communicate effectively and present a unified front, the better they operate as a whole. All this can be very good for business.   

Ways to Help Remote Employees Feel More Connected

With all the benefits a company stands to gain, there’s no time to waste in creating a more connected workplace for remote employees. Whether there is a hybrid setup or everyone is fully remote, there are plenty of ways to come together as a team. 

The first is utilizing video chats. Scheduling a brief meeting either every day or once a week gives teams time to see each other’s faces, joke around and otherwise experience human connection. It also provides opportunities to answer questions and gain support. 

Higher-ups are encouraged to use these meetings as a chance to share feedback and appreciation. Recognition is often powerful in driving motivation. What’s more, employees who feel they are valued can become invaluable assets to the company. Including special callouts or a type of ritual celebrating achievement in these meetings could go a long way in establishing a company-wide connection. 

A final piece of advice is to incorporate strategies designed to help everyone get to know each other better. Despite the distance, remote members can become more invested in the team through the right kind of activities. Going forward, organizations should consider virtual competitions aimed toward fostering camaraderie, learning a new skill through an online workshop or simply setting up a time to celebrate a milestone. 

As we’ve seen, technology has restructured how a team works together remotely. It’s time to use it to optimize how the team connects!

Joseph Matalone is Executive Vice President of Swoon Staffing, where he is responsible for the execution of sales strategies with a particular emphasis on Swoon’s enterprise level-global clientele. He has 18 years of experience in the staffing industry. Matalone has a unique perspective on the business, having been Swoon’s first employee. He has helped shape the company’s strategies, culture and growth in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

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