Starting a business is an adventure, and you need to be prepared with all the right tools to make sure you succeed.

If you’re running a startup, you’re going to need some essential tech equipment to work and achieve your goals, so the bare minimum you’re going to need is a high-quality laptop that lets you run all the software and apps for your business.

However, with thousands of different laptops in the market, choosing the right one can be confusing if you don’t have a tech background.

That’s why this quick guide will help you make an educated choice on the perfect laptop for your startup.

What Do You Need a New Laptop For?

You need a laptop for your startup, but what is going to be the primary use of the computer? What’s the goal of your new venture?

The computer you need for a graphic design company is going to be wildly different from that of a programmer. Likewise, if you’re in the marketing business and not going to be using any intensive apps, you can get away with a less powerful laptop.

You can always buy a cutting edge laptop to make sure it is going to run anything thanks to its powerful setup, but if you’re trying to save money, this can be very expensive.

Computer Specs

Always take a look at the specifications of the laptop and compare them to the system requirements of the software you’re going to use to guarantee everything works smoothly.

The following parts should be your biggest concern and the places you want to improve the most:

RAM: You’re going to multitask in your startup, and if you don’t have enough RAM, you can forget about running several apps at once. The more RAM, the smoother the work experience will be. 8 GB RAM is considered average for most work, but if you’re in programming or design, you might need 16 or 32 GBs of RAM.

Storage: With cloud storage, there’s not a high demand for high capacity hard drives anymore, but buying an SSD (Solid State Drive) will improve the load time of your laptop and any work you do.

Processor: Making the “brain” of the computer more powerful will guarantee your laptop is faster and can run almost anything. An average laptop comes with an i5 processor which should run most software. If you need a high-end laptop, aim for a latest-generation i7 processor or similar.

Graphics Card: If you’re not going to be using graphic editing software, integrated graphic cards that come included in most builds should be enough for your daily work. However, any software of the graphic design stack will require a powerful graphic card.

Operating System: Apple computers come with a different OS than most laptops, and this difference can drastically change the way you use your computer.

macOS is an excellent environment for almost any line of work, and the Apple brand guarantees security and longevity with their equipment.

However, Windows comes with high customization and a broader range of applications, software, and games to run.

The Perfect Laptop for Your Tech Startup

Before buying any tech gear, always think of what is going to be the primary use of that tool.

If you have detailed information on the laptop’s use, you can save money by lowering the specs of the build or guarantee you bought the right equipment to run all the intensive applications you need.

Please don’t buy a laptop for its brand, always check the specifications and make sure that what you’re buying is going to help you in your business and not slow you down, saving a little money in tech can hurt you in the long run.

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