With the growth of online teaching, live classroom software has become advanced and allows for one teacher to potentially teach hundreds or even thousands of students at any one time anywhere in the World.  The quality of video and audio ensure that all students have a good quality view of the lesson, and also inclusion of digital media including images and videos over laid within the video stream ensure that a multi media experience enhances the education being given.

So how could your business benefit from such technology?  Actually there are several applications for live classroom software within the business environment, so let’s discuss a few of them here.

Live Classroom Software for Training Your Staff

It can be a challenge to train your staff effectively and equally if you have a multisite international business.  You may find that the team at headquarters receives a lot more training form your best trainers, whereas those at remote sites receive little to no training, and if they do its by their local manager.  This can cause problems with upholding quality across your sites and also employees at remote sites feel disengaged with the company, like they are second class employees.

By scheduling regular live training events for all relevant staff where they can interact with your best trainer for that function, is a great way to divest knowledge across the business, lifting skill levels for all, and helping them feel valued.

Software can also help on a smaller scale with mentoring, helping your best most senior mentors talk directly to their junior colleagues in various locations on a one on one basis to help develop them up to high standards.

Live Classroom Software for Company Announcements

Another way to engage with employees across a multi site business is to have company announcements and events broadcast via the live classroom software.  Rather than receiving a cold email from the CEO, it is much more compelling and motivating for all to receive the announcement at the same time, live, seeing the CEO tell everyone about the changes and reassure them about what results will be achievable.  The opportunity can be taken to commend some of the results being delivered by remote offices and individuals who have been outstanding. This build comradery between colleagues across all sites and also builds loyalty toward the senior management team who may have been faceless to them.

Live Classroom Software for Interacting with Customers and Suppliers

Software also allows for carrying out training events with potential customers, current customers and suppliers.  A series of workshops and training events can help them to familiarize themselves with your products and services, and become expert users, essentially becoming company advocates.  If you provide them with top quality consistent training ongoing they will look forward to your launch of new products and also tell everyone else about how amazing your products are, as well as your company who trains them directly and provides ongoing support for them as your customer or supplier.

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