I have ran a small business for many years and I know only too well just how sensitive owners can be over the spending of any money in the business. I used to scrutinize every single cent that the business spent, ensuring that it was going towards helping us bring in more money or grow. Something which I had always shunned was the idea of heavy investment in marketing, opting instead to do things in-house and saving some money as a result. Two years ago however I took what I thought to be a gamble and contracted the team at digitalmarketing.com to run an ad campaign for the business, something which I was sure would go wrong. As it turns out, it couldn’t have gone any better and they have really helped to change the fortunes of the company. If you aren’t sure whether or not to invest in digital marketing, here is exactly why you have to.

It Will Always be an Investment

There is a big difference between a cost and an investment and in the case of digital marketing this will always, always, be a great investment. The figures just don’t lie and it is clear that 99.9% of those who do spend on digital marketing, get at the very least the money back that they have invested as a result.


I am a real stickler for efficiency and spend a lot of time looking at ways to increase things like productivity or time, in exchange for the implementation of something new. When it comes to marketing however I missed the boat for a long time, and failed to realize just how efficient it would be to outsource this area of the business. The marketing team we use take half the time to do the things we used to in the business, and they get better results from it.


I must be honest, part of the reason why I eventually decided to invest in digital marketing was because one of my competitors also went in heavily on marketing. I knew that I had to do something to keep up and thanks to the investment I was able to. If your competition are investing then you absolutely have to as well, if they are not investing in marketing then you have a wonderful opportunity too eat up some of that market share that they are leaving on the table.

Making More Money

The best reason that I can give to anyone who isn’t sure about investing in marketing is that as a result, you will make more money. Since we launched our campaign I have seen more customers through the doors, more online sales, more profit and the brand has always started to grow. Digital marketing teams know just what to do to increase your success, and if you are able to invest in this service your business will reach its goals.

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